Camping Pyrénées Discovering the Pyrenees

A week in the family
in the Val d’Azun

camping pyrenees natura

Day 1 – You have arrived in Estaing!

As soon as you arrive, can you feel it? A pure air fills you and the view on the mountain amazes you! And yes, you have just arrived at the Pyrenees Natura campsite in the middle of the mountains. You’ve had a long and tiring drive but you’ve finally arrived at your destination.

Come on, hop! Put down your suitcases, come to the bar to enjoy a cool drink and sit on the terrace to enjoy a moment of relaxation and calm after this long journey.

The Val d’Azun and its mountains are holding out their arms to you for a week rich in emotion and discovery! Ready to go on an adventure ? Let’s go !

lac de tech camping pyrenees natura

Day 2: Admire the lakes of the Val d’Azun

After having spent a night in the calm of the mountains, without klaxon, nor light, we wake up quietly by hearing the noise of the birds. We open our curtains and there they are again, the beautiful surrounding mountains, we are well on vacation! The children go to the restaurant to get breakfast, you settle down on your terrace to take strength before a beautiful day to enjoy with your family! Is everyone ready? So here we go!

We go to discover the lake of Tech in Arrens Marsous at only 12 km. Once your tour of the lake is over, on the way back let’s stop at the farmers’ market in Arrens (every Sunday morning in July and August and every Wednesday afternoon). Arriving at the campsite, the stomach rumbling, let’s cook a good meal with our fresh and seasonal products!

After having eaten well, direction the lake of Estaing for a digestive stroll. At only 5 km from the campground, come and admire a magnificent mountain lake. Ponies and cows are often free to roam (always keep a safe distance).


When you return, enjoy a drink at the bar, let the kids play with the giant games while you can settle into the lounge chairs facing the mountains to end your day together.

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Day 4: Get some height in Argelès Gazost!

For this fourth day, a more physical activity awaits you… Head to the Chloro’fil Park to climb in the trees and fight vertigo! Accrobranche, pirates’ wood, scooters, you choose and let the fun begin!

When you get back to your accommodation, once the kids are in bed and it’s dark, have a hot drink, go outside and sit on the armchairs. Raise your head and look at the stars that light up the sky, that breeze of fresh air even in summer and that exceptional calm… enjoy the peace and quiet, relax and recharge your batteries.

Day 5: Contemplate the Pyrenean birds of prey!

The whole family loved the Animal Park? So we went on a register in the same theme but even more impressive!

Go to the Donjon des Aigles in Beaucens to admire even more birds of prey! Royal eagle, lammergeier, kite, and many others are to be found there.

rapaces proche camping pyrenees natura

Day 3: Discovering the animals of the Pyrenees!

A third day is waiting for you to discover even more of the surrounding wildlife! Follow me on this trip!

The campground’s caretaker waits for you every morning (information at the reception) in front of the rabbit pen. You can accompany your children to enjoy a moment of sharing.

For the rest of the day, we go to the Pyrenees Animal Park located in Ayzac Ost. Don’t be mistaken, the animal park is not a simple “zoo”, it is an actor for the preservation of endangered species and helps the fauna of the Pyrenees.
Unique in its kind, you will enter directly into the enclosure of the animals to see them closer!

At the end of the visit, don’t hesitate to visit Argelès Gazost. This village is one of the most beautiful of the Val d’azun, souvenir stores, restaurants, bars, friendly and festive atmosphere.

moment detente spa pyrenees natura

Day 6 : Last day in the High Pyrenees!

Soon the end of the vacations … Oh no! A little for everyone!

On the program “The morning of the children”: Direction the municipal swimming pool of Arrens Marsous in order to refresh itself from its hot days. Games, fun in the pool and sunbathing.

In the program “The rest for the adults“: A very active week and a well deserved rest are waiting for you for this afternoon and evening.

A massage break and a moment in our wellness area with sauna and jacuzzi directly at the campsite. We will then have dinner at the campsite’s restaurant in order to fully enjoy this last evening with the family. Local products, a large choice of aperitif, a friendly setting and a cocooning atmosphere are waiting for you… and all this with a view on the mountain.

Day 7: Your most beautiful memories in the Pyrenees!

We hope you enjoyed this week of vacation and we hope to see you again!

Take care of yourself and send us your best pictures!

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